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All Students



Students will receive both a regular locker and a gym locker for the year. They cannot carry large backpacks between classes. If you had a student at WBMS before COVID (2019), this policy may be familar to you.
For those who are new -- we have a $15 locker fee that covers the cost to rekey locks each summer. This is a requested but not mandatory cost. If you have questions about that, please contact the school.
Your child will be assigned a locker on the first day of school (not at Sneak Peek) and during the first week of school will be provided time to organize and decorate their locker.
Please use this link  – (Take a screenshot of your receipt or print it).


Students may use a smaller sling bag or a condensed pack -- not large backpacks.
This is a safety measure: The hallways are simply not large enough to accommodate all our students and their large backpacks. Additionally, large heavy backpacks create unintended safety hazards as students turn into one another.

PE Uniform Sales and Distribution

Students will be required to "dress out" for PE. The school makes it easy for parents to purchase the appropriate shirts and shorts. Uniforms can be purchased here:
PE uniforms purchased before August 4 will be issued during Sneak Peek. Please bring your receipt or screenshot. Our PE uniforms are the same as they have been, so if your student already has one, there is no need to repurchase one.

Cell Phone Policy

Student phones must not be seen unless an adult gives a student permission to use one. Phones may be kept at home, in a locker (on silent), or in a sling bag (on silent). Students should not have phones in their pockets (where they may reflexively pull them out and get into trouble). Our rules are intended to align with our district policy and to help our students stay focused on academics.





6th and 7th grade only


Residency Verification


All incoming 6th AND 7th graders must provide proof of residency per school board policy. Even if you completed the process for your 6th grader, you must complete it again for the 7th grade year.
We would like to take care of this process over the summer if possible. Please upload documents to