Webb Bridge Middle School PTA - 2018 Staff Favorite Things


Webb Bridge PTA knows how much some of you love to spoil our teachers throughout the year.  This year we have asked the teachers to fill out some of their "Favorite Things" for our new website to make it easier to know their likes and dislikes.  With the holidays right around the corner we thought we would share the information with you in case you need it.  


Please keep Fulton County Policy in mind when planning teacher's gifts.  Fulton County guidelines state: an individual gift to a teacher may not exceed value of $25; a group gift may not exceed $500, with each contributor’s value not to exceed $10.  Please click on the staff member's name below to see the list of Teacher/Staff Favorite things!


Jenna Allenson

Christian Bernhardt

Jana Bernhardt

Sarah Boltz

Nan Brown

Abriana Carter

Kathy Coker

Janelle Consola

Meredith Derosiers

Stephanie Dunn

Janet Flanagan

Lorena Galloway

Caroline Goldstein

Keith Gravitt

Gregory Groover

Melissa Haas

Katie Haight

Yvette Hampton

Allison Hill

Ashley Jones

Edward Kaiser

Caroline Kelly

Nicole Levesque

Mary Liming

Nancy Martin

Tina Mathewson

Melanie McCutcheon

Susie McFarland

Michele Meddin

Ashley Miller

Lauren Mintz

Jill Muvdi

Becca O'Sullivan

Cathy Oravetz

Jennifer Pariseau

Brandon Rhodes

Ashley Savage

Erin Schuler

Julie Swartz

Robin Walters

Gabrielle Wampler

Lindsay Weaver

Brooke Wood

Kristyne Wood