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Webb Bridge PTA knows how much some of you love to spoil our teachers and staff throughout the year.  This year we have asked the teachers and staff to fill out some of their "Favorite Things" for our new website to make it easier to know their likes and dislikes and their "Classroom Wishlist".


*Please keep Fulton County Policy in mind when planning teacher's gifts.  Fulton County guidelines state: an individual gift to a teacher may not exceed value of $25; a group gift may not exceed $500, with each contributor’s value not to exceed $10.  



Williams, Rebecca Williams Favorites Williams Amazon Wish List
Garner, Michelle Garner Favorites Garner Amazon Wish List
Hurst, Carmen Hurst Favorites Hurst Amazon Wish List
Milak, Mike Milak Favorites Milak Amazon Wish List
Hedger, Betsy Hedger Favorites Hedger Amazon Wish List
Seletsky, Neeta Seletsky Favorites Seletsky Amazon Wish List
Abarca, Irina Abarca Favorites Abarca Amazon Wish List
Amrine, Nathaniel Amrine Favorites Amrine Amazon Wish List
Anderson, Shadia Anderson Favorites Anderson Amazon Wish List
Avera, Bonnie Avera Favorites Avera Amazon Wish List
Awad, Mia Awad Favorites Awad Amazon Wish List
Baginski, Emma Baginski Favorites Baginski Amazon Wish List
Barket, James Barket Favorites Barket Amazon Wish List
Baron, Laura Baron Favorites Baron Amazon Wish List
Bartlett, Katie Bartlett Favorites Bartlett Amazon Wish List
Battaglia-Drake, Stefania Battaglia-Drake Favorites Battaglia-Drake Amazon Wish List
Beam, Melissa Beam Favorites Beam Amazon Wish List
Beck, Sandra Beck Favorites Beck Amazon Wish List
Beckwith, Ellie Beckwith Favorites Beckwith Amazon Wish List
Beckett, Lisa Beckett Favorites Beckett Amazon Wish List
Bennett, Meredith Bennett Favorites Bennett Amazon Wish List
Bernhardt, Christian Bernhardt, Christian Favorites Bernhardt, Christian Amazon Wish List
Bernhardt, Jana Bernhardt, Jana Favorites Bernhardt, Jana Amazon Wish List
Bezbradica, Viktorija Bezbradica Favorites Bezbradica Amazon Wish List
Binder, Amy Binder Favorites Binder v
Bodie, JB Bodie Favorites Bodie Amazon Wish List
Braswell, Kristen Braswell Favorites Braswell Amazon Wish List
Brown, Nan Brown Favorites Brown Amazon Wish List
Candelario, Amanda Candelario Favorites Candelario Amazon Wish List 
Carli Lex, Livia Carli Lex Favorites Carli Lex Amazon Wish List
Cole, Neil Cole Favorites Cole Amazon Wish List
Cook, Kathy Cook Favorites Cook Amazon Wish List
Cooke, Kevin Cooke Favorites Cooke Amazon Wish List
Correia, Fernanda Correia Favorites Correia Amazon Wish List
Davis, Michaela Davis Favorites Davis Amazon Wish List
De los Heros, Carmen De los Heros Favorites De los Heros Amazon Wish List
Derosiers, Meredith Derosiers Favorites Derosiers Amazon Wish List
Dunn, Stephanie Dunn Favorites Dunn Amazon Wish List
Elliott, Jordan Elliott Favorites Elliott Amazon Wish List
Feldman, Richard Feldman Favorites Feldman Favorites
Fernalld, Daria Fernalld Favorites Fernalld Amazon Wish List
Foil, Jen Foil Favorites Foil Amazon Wish List
Fondersmith, Gabrielle Fondersmith Favorites Fondersmith Amazon Wish List
Galloway, Lorena Galloway Favorites Galloway Amazon Wish List
Gelb, Beth Gelb Favorites Gelb Amazon Wish List 
Goldstein, Rynn Goldstein Favorites Goldstein Amazon Wish List
Greven, Jennifer Greven Favorites Greven Amazon Wish List
Groover, Gregory Groover Favorites Groover Amazon Wish List
Haas, Melissa Haas Favorites Haas Amazon Wish List
Harvey, Whitney Harvey Favorites Harvey Amazon Wish List
Healy, Marianne Healy Favorites Healy Amazon Wish List
He, Jane He Favorites He Amazon Wish List
Hendrick, Sarah Hendrick Favorites Hendrick Amazon Wish List
Hershinow, Robin Hershinow Favorites Hershinow Amazon Wish List
Hochhauser, Sarah Hochhauser Favorites Hochhauser Amazon Wish List
Houghton, Meghan Houghton, Meghan Favorites Houghton, Meghan Amazon Wish List
Houghton, Robert Houghton, Robert Favorites Houghton, Robert Amazon Wish List
Huerta, Drucila Huerta Favorites Heurta Amazon Wish List
Irvin, Andy Irvin, Andy Favorites Irvin, Andy Amazon Wish List
Irvin, Kristen Irvin, Kristen Favorites Irvin, Kristen Amazon Wish List
Jackson, Kevin Jackson, Kevin Favorites Jackson Amazon Wish List
Johnson, Carson Johnson, Carson Favorites Johnson, Carson Amazon Wish List
Johnson, Jordan Ashley Johnson, Jordan Ashley Favorites Johnson, Jordan Ashley Amazon Wish List
Jones, Ashley Jones, Ashley Favorites Jones Amazon Wish List
Jones, Garrett Jones, Garrett Favorites Jones Amazon Wish List
Kaiser, Ed Kaiser Favorites Kaiser Amazon Wish List
Karim, Salimah Karim Favorites Karim Amazon Wish List
Kelly, Caroline Kelly Favorites Kelly Amazon Wish List
King, Traci King Favorites King Amazon Wish List
Kornegay, Allie Kornegay, Allie Favorites Kornegay, Allison Amazon Wish List
Kornegay, Lynn Kornegay, Lynn Favorites Kornegay, Lynn Amazon Wish List
Lawrence, Mary Lawrence Favorites Lawrence Amazon Wish List
Leftwich, Albany Leftwich Favorites Leftwich Amazon Wish List
Liming, Mary Liming Favorites Liming Amazon Wish List
Logan, Sonja Logan Favorites Logan Amazon Wish List
Lyon, Barbara Lyon Favorites Lyon Amazon Wish List
Mack, Christina Mack Favorites Mack Amazon Wish List
McCutcheon, Melanie McCutcheon Favorites McCutcheon Amazon Wish List
McNeal, Nicole McNeal Favorites McNeal Amazon Wish List
Meddin, Michele Meddin Favorites Meddin Amazon Wish List
Meenan, Les Meenan Favorites Meenan Amazon Wish List
Mintz, Lauren Mintz Favorites Mintz Amazon Wish List
Moore, Merrol Moore Favorites Moore Amazon Wish List
Narasimhan, Suzanne Narasimhan Favorites Narasimhan Amazon Wish List
Palace, Lauren Palace Favorites Palace Amazon Wish List
Pardee, Katie Pardee Favorites Pardee Amazon Wish List
Patterson, Lindsey Patterson Favorites Patterson Amazon Wish List
Plumley, Julie Plumley Favorites Plumley Amazon Wish List
Pollifrone, Olivia Pollifrone Favorites Pollifrone Amazon Wish List
Rambo, Ellen Rambo Favorites Rambo Amazon Wish List
Ramsey, Anne Ramsey Favorites Ramsey Amazon Wish List
Reitzes, Caroline Reitzes Favorites Reitzes Amazon Wish List
Rhodes, Brandon Rhodes Favorites Rhodes Amazon Wish List
Runzo, Cindy Runzo Favorites Runzo Amazon Wish List
Sahadeo, Lisa Sahadeo Favorites Sahadeo Amazon Wish List
Schuler, Erin Schuler Favorites Schuler Amazon Wish List
Sell, Matt Sell Favorites Sell Amazon Wish List
Shah, Beena Shah Favorites Shah Amazon Wish List
Sheftel, Debbie Sheftel Favorites Sheftel Amazon Wish List
Shepherd, Andrew Shepherd Favorites  Shepherd Amazon Wish List
Stallings, Erick Stallings Favorites Stallings Amazon Wish List
Striggles, Alison Striggles Favorites Striggles Amazon Wish List
Stroud, Stephen Stroud Favorites Stroud Amazon Wish List
Taylor, Casey Taylor Favorites Taylor Amazon Wish List
Voss, Torrie Voss Favorites Voss Amazon Wish List
Walters, Robin Walters Favorites Walters Amazon Wish List
Ward, Jennifer Ward Favorites Ward Amazon Wish List
Watson, Tamara Watson Favorites Watson Amazon Wish List
Wood, Brooke Wood Favorites Wood Amazon Wish List